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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
There are plenty of people on here who still think Tsonga is going to be the next best thing!

For the next 3 years, it seemed like Djokovic's 2008 win was going to be lightening in a bottle too! He didn't actually do too much wrong in the remainder of that year. He won the WTF and 2 Masters titles and he ended each year still ranked #3. But it's bit strange that he made no more Slam finals until 2010 USO. He won only one biggish title in 2009 and none at all in 2010. 2011 was truly his 2nd breakthrough year after the promising start of 2008!
He was actually five points off ending the year at #2 in 2008. When you look at 2009, he had a big dip in terms of points and held a mediocre lead on his #3 ranking. By 2010, he was fighting tooth and nail to get the #2 spot. He ended the year at #3, just ahead of Murray who was only a few hundred points behind him. In 2011, that all changed.
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