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[QUOTE=Dags;7043207]Oddly enough, Tuilagi is one of my main issues with this side...I think he's too predictable, taking the ball into contact every single time. I hope they can coach it out of him, because he's clearly one of the brightest talents.

Interesting what you say about Tuilagi. I was sitting right above the corner where England scored all three tries -- have I mentioned that I was there? -- and could almost look into Tuilagi's eyes as he approached the line for the Barritt try. You could see him realise that he might be caught and you could see him suddenly work out that he could pass the ball and we could still score. It all happened in a flash of course but it was as if he had a moment of revelation. Let's hope so. If he has it could define England's fortunes for the next five years. Ashton is a superb finisher and will pick the scoring lines if Youngs and Tuilagi can make the breaks. But Youngs can't do it all on his own.

Have I mentioned that I was there on Saturday?
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