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g4 - that has been my experience as well. on the other end anyway. i am a new bump up to 4.5 but in 7.5 mixed as the 4.0 guy, i pick on the 3.5 lady all day and often the 4.0 guy too if he's low to middle of the pack 4.0.

i think dizzl hit on this earlier but the single biggest thing that the ladies from 3.0 - 4.0 have trouble with is spin. topspin and slice. i think in regular women's leagues they just don't see enough of it so in mixed it's like kryptonite.

at 7.5 i would still love for the usta to let ladies play .5 lower so a 4.0 guy/4.0 lady could play a 4.5 lady/3.5 guy. i've seen some 4.5 women ball and while they don't usually hit with crazy pace, the consistency is really amazing. and then 3.5 guy might lack consistency but they also won't be fazed too much by pace and more importantly by spin. so the dubs would look more like dubs and not a silly game of keep away.

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