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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
Noit was a close 3 setter, and Djokovic could have won the first 2 sets. Federer won 2 tiebreak sets and one 6-4

In fact look at this Canada 2007 match here in the opening post. Federer took a set 6-2 and Djokovic needed 2 tiebreaks. In a way Djokovic played better at the US open, he just failed in the tiebreakers, but he didn't get beat 6-2 in any set, so the difference was marginal. Obviously takes skill to win a tiebreak but still it can be a very thin line between winning and losing.
If people want to see Federer destroying somebody in a major final, they should take a look at his 2004 match against Hewitt in the final of the US Open. Federer's match against Djokovic was a close, three set win. It could have easily gone the other way.
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