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Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
Wimbledon 2008 and AO 2009. The Wimbledon loss was clearly due from the beatdown he took at RG three weeks before (he was totally unable to play in the first two sets), and he lost because he was afraid of Nadal. Even more so maybe in Melbourne, where he clearly had the upper hand for the first four sets but was unable to wrap it up.

For the record, I fully share Mustard's view, though--even though I think Federer would very probably have won both these tournaments had he let Monfils through in the RG 2008 semi (for he knew he was going to get destroyed in the final this year), as long as you come on court, you're fit to play and you accept the result as it is, no excuse.
Oh, OK, I guess you can say a mental aspect played (maybe a big) part in those matches. I thought you were saying he had lost them due to mono though.

Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
You haven't been following tennis the last ten years or so, have you?
Sorry, I don't see your point.
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