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Different eras, impossible to say one thing or the other.

Is Sampras "better" than McEnroe?

This question has no answer, because they are not from the same era.

Is Federer "better" than McEnroe?

Exactly the same. That question has no answer.

You can not know if the greatest (or one of the greatest) player from one era is "better" than the greatest player (or one of them) of another different era.

And for me, even 7 or 8 years of age apart means DIFFERENT ERAS.

Yesterday I was watching McEnroe vs Vilas on green clay, wood racquets. It was so beautiful.

How can ANYBODY know what Sampras, or Agassi, or Federer, or Nadal....would have achieved in that era?

It is impossible to know.

All this GOAT thing is only for ******** people that probably even don't like tennis at all to begin with.
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