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Originally Posted by jason586 View Post
Fairly heavy spin. I do not know anyone who goes breaks firm poly in 10 hours? I usually end up snapping a main towards the top of the racquet though, almost never a cross on full poly? I went through a full bed of PLII in about 8 days which was probably about 30ish hours though, and as I mentioned my poly main/multi cross string jobs only lasted 3-4 days. I know several 3.5 players guys not restringing for over a year with full poly and no breakage, and they all play with topspin (although more moderate topspin that I play with).
I have a very basic recording function on my digital camera and will try to get some video if that would help.
10-15hrs until poly breakage is not unusual. Mine usually occurs due to my serve and FH. This is why I don't use full poly and prefer to hybrid. If i can pop the cross in 8 hours, why waste my fave poly string if it'll break only after it's dead? With full bed anything, I only break mains. With hybrids, I only break crosses.

Keep in mind that I'm not knocking your ability. What I am saying is that even poly will break if you're hitting a big enough ball. If after 80-100hrs you have not broken it, you aren't getting the benefits of poly. I promise you that you'll see the same amount of spin with full natural gut AND it will play better for longer.
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