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The questioning mark on past greats is something that is not only common to tennis.Other sports fans have embraced that.

Lauda,Fittipaldi,Prost and Senna were as good as Vettel,Schumacher or Alonso, and maybe better, yet nobody remembers them

Merckxy, Anquetil,Hinault would be just as great if not better than Armstrong or Corredor, yet press seems to have forgotten them

What about Marciano,Alí,Leonard,Robinson,Dempsey?.if they were still around, boxing would be as great as it was many decades ago.

Russell,Jabbar,Chamberlain had much more class than any center in today´s NBA league,a nd probably than any forward, as well, but seems like that position, because there is no dominant center anymore is not important...and Lebron,Durrant and Bryant get over credit.

Phelps and Bolt are exceptional athletes, but it was just as hard for Lewis,Owens,Spitz and Gross to achieve what they achieved with much less than a fifth of the technological and scientific advancements.

Messi is an all time great and plays at a faster pace than any other all timer but...Di
Stefano,Mazzola,Pelé,Cruyff,Maradona,Beckenbauer or Platini were just as bit of good as him , Ronaldo or Zidane.

and we could continue forever...
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