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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Mike, you really should keep your thoughts to yourself when not required. While I'll avoid the easy ad hominems, you really should avoid providing legal explanations without having the obvious understanding. Further, message boards are largely based upon an exchange of communication while serving as a forum facilitating the exchange of ideas in a pseudo-communal setting. Surely the feelings and thoughts that one posts need to be considered with respect to the feelings, sensitivities and beliefs of the other community members (never thought that would be an issue on a tennis board). But I guess as a person without faith - as you profess to be - this common courtesy escapes you....
Do you REALLY thnk he was trying to offend anyone? I have respect for all belief systems (as long as they don't hinder the lives of others.) and I understand why you or anyone else might possibly be offended in the tiniest sense, but it is not right to call someone out and make them feel belittled over something such as a post on a forum. If you don't agree with someone, then you scroll down. Simple as that. I have nothing against you or any other believer in the Christian faith. And I will agree that it probably wasn't my place to take a stand on this, but I believe that you are equally if not more so at fault for even bringing up a conflict.

Lets please forget about it, make amends, and continue to chat about the sport we love. Alright?
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