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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
Yeah, this pretty much tells us nothing at all. How was it strung, what kind of player is this friend? Without all of this info and specifics this means nothing. I found the 99s AND the 105s to have less power then the 100 Juice, and I had to hit it with a hybrid string job. With a full bed of poly the power will come down even more and control will go up, just the facts. I agree with the response to this yesterday about string making a huge difference here.
He was at a demo session at our club with a Wilson rep that comes to our club every month or so to have players try out future rackets. He did not say what string it had in it and he is a solid 4.5 player with excellent ground strokes.

I am glad you found it to have less power than the juice which I consider a high powered racket. But as you would say were they strung with the same string and tension as the juice? Without this info and the specifics it means nothing.
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