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Originally Posted by psYcon View Post
To be honest it depends on the serves of the 4.5 guys. My lefty first serve can easily hit 110mph and I have timed it as well on radar. If I can land one of those and my other 4.5 partner is at the net waiting to put away the return shot, then I think we can get a decent enough score on the tie-break.
If a pro can read and make an aggressive return on a 130mph pro serve, what on earth do you possibly think your 110mph serve would do? You realize that it is NOT about speed. It is about reading the serve. It is impossible to return a 120mph serve pretty much anywhere at the sides of the box without knowing it's going there first. Even if you do know that, you still have to make clean contact. You ever watch Federer serve on the deuce court? His wide serve is likely the most feared of all of his serves. Why? It's nearly impossible to read, and has so much spin that even if you read it, it's moving away from you so quickly that he's already prepared to put away the return. That's against other top pros. That serve rarely tops 110mph.
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