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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Torres, are you still using full BM in the Juice pro?
Been using it for everthing since I first posted in this thread - tournaments, competitions, drills, practise etc. Have been adjusting tensions at various times to find the optimum setup. Am on my 2nd reel of 17 - it's become my primary string - though I have a couple of sets of 16 which I've yet to try out.

It just seems to offer a bit more bite and control than BHBR16 (the other string I've been primarily using prior to this). I actually prefer the feel of BHBR16 but you don't quite feel that you can guide the ball in quite the same way with BHBR16 as you can with Black Magic.

Also, when fresh, it has more bite and grab on the ball than BHBR16 which is useful for taking free points on serve or setting up the subsequent point. Unforced errors are lower, balls that might have previously gone fractionally wide or long, stay in, though I've obviously changed racquets in the meantime from a closed 6.1 to a mostly open Juice Pro, so I can't say its just down to the string. That said, I've been playing with both BHBR16 and Black Magic in the Juice Pro. Results-wise, I prefer the later

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