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In the big Australian cities access to courts now is so much harder compared to when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. We had a clay court next door as the original owner was a president of the Queensland tennis association back in the 1930s (and according to my dad they would host parties in the 1950s where the who's who of Australian tennis would attend). But being a big block of land it was sold for high density housing 10 years ago.

Now most tennis is done through commercial centres where you have to pay $10+ an hour to play. Schools have courts but they are all locked up after hours. $10 for balls, most coaching is paid and it is no wonder participation rates have dropped.

When I was in primary school our team came second in the Brisbane school championship. We had coaches that the school paid to come in once a week and transport to and from matches. Now the kids don't get any coaches and parents have to take the kids to and from matches and there is no teacher supervision.
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