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Originally Posted by Spinaway View Post
Ok , as you have seen already one of the other posters kindly made my pics appear here
No, don't think you can order direct off their website. Well I never saw those bits there anyway. So I just dealt direct by email .
Their description is as follows:

Universal V-shaped shoulder support - plastic $6.00 ea

Stem - V-shaped shoulder support, each $6.00 ea

(Both for model EAG-700 stringer)
The piece they call the "stem" is that stepped pin in the right side of the picture of mine. You may elect not to purchase that part !

The lady I dealt with at Maxline (Eagnas) was Michele and she was helpful. And the email is
Hmm. Ok, i will plan on purchasing these parts but first, a couple questions.

1) How long did it take to ship?
2) Did you see a significant advantage with the shoulder supports?
3) Do they charge shipping?
4) Do they get in the way when stringing?
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