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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Hmm. Ok, i will plan on purchasing these parts but first, a couple questions.

1) How long did it take to ship?
2) Did you see a significant advantage with the shoulder supports?
3) Do they charge shipping?
4) Do they get in the way when stringing?

(1) There was a 2 week delay from when I ordered until the items shipped ex Eagnas store. I think they had to order those bits in ex their factory in Taiwan or China, which is fine. No money was charged against my Visa card until the day the items shipped to me. Everything was done above board.

(2) I don't rate the shoulder supports as a "significant" advantage to me. But I like them I find this stringer to be so rigidly made and with such positive clamp downs at the 6 and 12 o'clock positions, that its difficult to imagine a racquet being pulled shorter than unstrung length (while in the stringer), when pulling the mains. So to my uneducated eye, whether you strung with or without these side supports would not be a big deal.

(3) Yes, they charge shipping, which is fair enough. Since I live in New Zealand my shipping would be quite a bit more than what you will pay, so I cant quote you their USA rates.

(4) No, I don't notice them getting in the way at all when stringing. But I am not a super fast wizz-kid in stringing, so maybe such a stringer may catch a string on a support now and then.
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