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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
I didn't buy from TW that's why I asked. Also. I bought the shoes for much, much lower (one Benjamin lower) than the $130, so I would still get the/a $130 voucher? Although I'd prefer a replacement pair...

Anyway, I will give them a call in a bit and ask...

My 6 months ends in a week or so, so I was asking.
i got my CB 3.3s at a nike outlet store for $30 and wore through them in 5 months. i opened up a claim online at and sent my shoes in with an explanation and the original receipt. a wk later, i received an email approving my claim and another wk later, i received a $125 voucher in the mail to be redeemed ONLY at the online store. i don't believe they will send you a replacement pair. they'll only send a voucher for the retail value of the shoe.
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