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Default Clear Question - easy answer

Your question: Should Sampras really be placed amongst the GOATs?

Answer: Yes

Why?: Pluses - second highest number of Slams won in Open Era - 14
- second highest number of year end championships - 5
- Highest (Equal) number of Wimbledons won - 7
- Highest (Equal) number of US Opens won in Open era - 5
- 6 year end number 1 ranking positions
- second longest time in ATP history as number (in weeks)

Minuses - No French Open win
- Relatively low number of Masters 1000's won (11 - there are at least 11 guys in the Open era who have won more)

The Minuses are really not big minuses (given those most GOAT candidates have some hole in their CV) - so Yes he is in the GOAT list.

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