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Sports psychologists tell clients to use creative visualization. To see yourself hitting the right shot, or winning, or shaking the hand of the tournament director and accepting the winning trophy. Jim Carrie arrived in hollywood and wrote out a $10,000,000 check for himself for: "starring in a comedy", and it took him four years to arrive at the figure. The truth is, we all have "shells" of energy, pulsating and extending through us and extending outwards from us at all times, even while sleeping. Some of us are able to visualize prosperity or an improved shot in a non resistive way, and some of us use resistive imagery and emotion. When you use energy in a resistive way, by calling yourself a bad player, feeling distressed after a loss, beating yourself up, using negative forces, you block positive results to change. These shells of energy are there just like love is there, or will is there, or any emotion such as anger or any need such as the need for food/air/water. Desire is there in any good player: to improve/win/play well. The outer shell of desire can help or block us, just as will can help/block us. The tendrils of our shells reach outwards to our opponents as well, and can affect their play and use of their own confidence and self belief as well as simultaneously affect our own.

Creative visualization works better with some of us, and is inconsistent at best, but does work to some degree. It's not just imagination, but the projection you put out with those tendrils of energy are either positive or negative, just like emotion is positive or negative, and never just neutral, and just like your results are positive or negative, your feelings, your desires, your improvement or blocked lack thereof. We sometimes become what we resist: bad players, inconsistent, or in the case of some: criminal cheaters, etc. Ever see how many cops are later convicted of some crime? Or preachers/reverends? The trick is to learn which type of projected shell yields the best results for you, jsut like finding out: higher tension means fewer long shots, a more flexible frame means fewer long shots and better feel, a more powerful string means more ues, an edged spin string means a higher angle of trajectory off the string bed, a higher net clearance means fewer shots into the net, etc.... Some are even taught to play out entire sets in their minds before matches begin. The imagined shell will occasionally "suck" the intended result into the vacuum of your own reality.

Creative visualization is also used by many religious cults, and many cultures with varying degrees of success. It's something that is very indivdual, in terms of what works and why/when it works. Desire/will/obsession can just as easily block you. A positive desire moves towards a negative result very often. If you resist a weakness, guess what? It won't go away and you will retain it until you learn to "not try". That is a type of energy that comes from desire that is more pure than the "trying" type. You won't be as able to move fast if you "try" to move fast, as well if you ask or request softly that your speed improve. The part of your mind that learns best is the part that asks to learn without trying to.

If you are able to visualize your weakness on a tv screen, and split screened, right next to it, simultaneously running, is you hitting the same shot superbly, you are ahead of the game. Most cannot. Most muscle up and try too hard and get stuck forever in that blocked mode with no understanding at all why.

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