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Originally Posted by President View Post

I actually agree with you though. Sampras' 6 YE #1 are vastly overrated. At times he would just play a lot of tournaments towards the end of the year in order to ensure his ranking, Federer's 237 (or whatever it is) consecutive weeks at number one are a lot more impressive.
Hah.. That image cracks me up.

I am not bothered about what is more impressive.

I just want people to speak accurately. Sampras never was ranked no.1 six years in a row. he ended 6 years as no.1.

And no, it is not semantics. djokovic was not ranked no.1 in 2012. he ended the year as ranked no.1 and he and federer split the ranking throughout the year. So federer was ranked X weeks as no.1 in 2012, djokovic as Y weeks with djokovic ending the year as NO.1. this is especially important in tennis because each week is counted towards the players total weeks ranked no.1

Now that I have schooled you kids, just keep it in mind next time you profess your Ramptard nostalgic nonsense.
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