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I am sorry if my situation is confusing, but it is what it is. I am the only person I know who is this excessive in their hours of tennis play, but I do play and practice 100+ hours a month and love it. I have always done what others say can not be done from graduating college in 2 years (statistics) to becoming a scratch golfer to buying a movie theater at age 25 to being completely debt free in my late 20's to retiring at age 30. Now my obsession is tennis, and I'm having a great time trying to get to 5.0 as I've read that it is an extremely small percentage chance to get there if you start tennis in your 30's. I'm not on here asking questions with exaggerated numbers/claims that do not relate to me to waste my time. What would be the point as the answers received would be inaccurate and skewed by the wrong initial information given.

1) I have been playing tennis for about 15 months, and I have moved up to playing solid 4.0 tennis with a hard forehand with fairly heavy topspin and mediocre two-handed backhand that mostly just keeps me in a point. 100 mph 1st serve, decent 2nd kick serve that I keep deep in the box. I only come to the net on short balls.
2) Poly main with multi cross lasts me about 12ish hours until the cross breaks.
3) I play 100+ hours a month and full poly bed usually lasts me about 3 weeks until a main breaks. Of course....the playing characteristics suffer after the first 10ish hours of play, but so far I have just dealt with playing dead poly.

The questions is: What to do about getting longer quality playing characteristics with the excessive amount of time I spend on the courts without having to spend a lot and having to restring every few days???
*The only answer has been to buy a stringer and string once a week. Is that the only answer to the excessive amount of time I spend on the courts?

Also, I talked to the pro who strings a lot of the racquets around here and has been stringing for 20+ years. He said almost none of the 3.5, 4.0 and rarely the 4.5 guys are breaking their full poly beds in 10 hours especially on a 95" frame regardless of being 16x19. He said there is a 5.5 college player who breaks full poly BHB7 every other day though.

Everyone can question it all they want, but it is what it is. Full poly lasts me about 3 weeks, and I play over 100 hours a month.
I have a pair of the 100" and a pair of the 95" Vantages. One of each has broken strings, and my Ashaway Kevlar string trade came in today. So, I am going to try it in each stick to see for myself how it plays. Maybe it will be the joy of my life like travelerjam. If not, my next step will likely be the $69 Iontec reels from Mamba. I'll probably order a couple of the single sets to try first though.

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It's all just... confusing
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