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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
I used to have a Youtek Prestige MP which I had leaded up at 3/9/12 to polarize it a bit more.

Scorpion worked well with it, but Scorpion for me, goes dead pretty quick and it loses alot of its characteristics when it does so.

If you want spin, BHB7 produced unbelievable amount of spin in the MP, with a good dose of power, at the expense of a springy stringbed (definitely not good for volleys).

I suspect Black Magic would work pretty well too. It has almost as much spin as BHB7 but with the control of Scorpion but with an additional X factor thrown in comprising of feel, adjustabilty, comfort, reasonable power etc. I just think its a great all round package. For me, it has a good balance of everything except longevity.

It's also responds very well to different string differential setups. I tried the following (albeit in a different stick - Wilson BLX JP 96/16x20) and it produces different results depending on what you want to achieve from the stringbed.

53/52 CP - flatter hitting setup, with more ability to hit through the court, at the expense of spin.

52/53 CP - more spin and bite on the ball. Kick serves, twist serves, slice serves are amazing. Slight tinniness / vibration from the stringbed but nothing too disconcerting.

53/53 CP - a good balance between spin and flat hitting. More control orientated due to lower power.

52/52 CP - noticeable addition of power when fresh.

I'm surprised at how well this string respond to fine adjustments in tension.
thanks Torres for your info!really helpful. I'm actually not looking in particular for a spinny string because I don't have issue generating it but rather something a tad softer the tourbite with little more feel and a bit more power for when I need it.........I asked nothing.. right ?
I bet that with a different string pattern scorpion and tour bite would work better for me.
however, I if i don't find what I want I might have to tray to lower the gauge of the string...I don't really want to go lower than 1.22(scorpion) but maybe.
Talking about scorpion 1.22, does it feel and look bigger that 1.22?
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