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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
I still get frustrated by this reasoning..

You realise he's beaten him twice in the semis? which is worse luck because you have to play him earlier on and thus maybe lose earlier on. He's also played him 3 times at the AO in total compared to Murray playing him once. Whether it's a final or a semi or a 4th round, it makes no difference.

Djokovic at the AO

Djokovic vs Federer 2-1
Djokovic vs Nadal 1-0
Djokovic vs Murray 2-0

Total 5-1

Murray at the AO

Murray vs Federer 0-1
Murray vs Nadal 1-1
Murray vs Djokovic 0-2

Total 1-4

Not saying Murray doesn't have a chance, but Djokovic is a big favourite if he plays like he did at the WTF. And Djokovic not playing Federer in an AO final means nothing because it isn't his fault he had to meet him in the semis all the time - you are aware that nearly every single HC slam Djokovic and federer have been in the same half unless seeding made it impossible?
I agree, and I see your point.
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