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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
No it's not typical. You don't see questions like that every day. 100 hours per month 4.0 training with 80 hours on full poly... I remember another thread when someone was going through kevlar/poly setup in just few hours, and that was puzzling too
Again, you do not read thoroughly and assume too much. I said I play 100+ hours a month and play 4.0 tennis - not 100 hours per month of 4.0 training. In the beginning I had plenty of people to play competitively with because I was new to the game. But with my hours on the court, I have quickly become better than many in my area, so I have fewer people to challenge me. So, I work on what I can with whomever I am playing or practicing with which unfortunately is slowing my progress a bit as most seem to be 3.5 where I'm at.
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