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Originally Posted by rossholster View Post
I have to agree as well. Let's not forget Laver didn't play any Slam events during the prime years of his career- that's about 24 that he didn't play in. If you figure he won only 25% of those, that would give him an additional 6 Slams...still ahead of Roger.
Food for thought...
IF he wants to play more slam events then he would have to be an amateur instead of joining the pro. And even if he managed to win more, it's still an amateur slams(vastly below the value of the modern slam). Keep in mind people in here don't take Emerson's 12 slams seriously because the field was very weak. And Laver being an amateur will not be playing in the 3 pro majors. So either you want Laver to take his chance at the amateur slams or he keeps all of his 8 pro majors.
Food for thought....
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