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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
This ^.

Muster is flattered somewhat by clay-court history revisionists. He often got beaten by nobodies on clay in his prime - other than one magical year where he was on fire.
In Muster's prime, he was 111-5 on clay, winning 18 clay-court tournaments in a 19 month period, which included a French Open, 2 Monte Carlos, 2 Romes, 2 Barcelonas and 2 Stuttgart Outdoors. The people who beat him on clay in this period were Corretja, A. Costa, Moya, Stich and Benfele Alvarez. Apart from Benfele Alvarez (which was a loss to a guy well outside the top 100), the other 4 guys were a future 2-time French Open runner-up (Corretja), 2 future French Open champions (Moya and A. Costa), and a former major winner who has won titles on all surfaces (Stich).

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