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I am not defensive toward you but another poster. As I mentioned in each post I made, I completely understand that I lose the benefits of poly after about 10 hours and I fully feel it when playing but have just dealt with it until now. Next I tried poly in the mains as a hybrid, and I am not OK with how short a time the crosses last. I strung all 4 of my racquets to last me a month, and now I have 3 broken crosses in only 12 days.
I am ready to move past playing dead poly, but poly/multi was not the answer due to durability. I also didn't care for how it played versus full poly with reduced spin as the multi seems to not let the mains move well. I think I even like dead poly better than poly/multi except the dead poly does wear on my wrist and shoulder (no elbow issues though).

As I mentioned, I do have a stringer that I can use at no cost about once a month, and I know how to string my own racquets and have done so about 15 times.
The reason I was thinking to move to Kevlar was that I have read over various threads that the good spin playing characteristics last much longer with Kevlar than with poly. So maybe Kevlar would play well for maybe 25 hours versus only 10 hours for poly - even as the tension drops.
My question probably never comes up because anyone who plays close to as much as me probably is younger and sponsored or gets free strings/stringing from their college, etc. I'm just trying to get the best playing characteristics for the least costs, since I do not get my strings for free and do play excessively. Just because I have money does not mean I am not careful with what I spend. In fact, I have money in large part because I am careful with what I spend.

I do appreciate your suggestions and attempts to help - thank you.

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My friend, you do not need to be defensive. I've already said numerous times now to try natural gut. Yes, it is expensive, and if you don't have a stringer, it's the best performance value. Kevlar may last and last, but if you're not breaking poly, then I see no reason to switch from it to something more uncomfortable.

As far as breakage goes, I have 3 frames waiting to be done: a kblade 98 with popped RPM blast, another blade 98 (this past generation) with popped full ALU and a microgel radical with popped SPPP. These are all players I hit with on our club team. Heck, I used to string for one of my professors, and he and his daughter would pop full Big Ace every few weeks. Breaking poly is not that unusual. The only point that I'm trying to make is that if you're not breaking it after 100 hours, then it's not the best string type for you. The added spin is gone after that first 8-10 hours once the string is dead.
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