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Originally Posted by FEDERERNADAL13 View Post
Being positive:

AO: I can see him making the semis (maybe the finals if Rafa is in his half and isn't 100%). I don't think he can beat Djoker or Murray at the AO, but hey, stranger things have happened in tennis!

FO: I see a QF/SF finish for Rogi here. When he played Djoker at RG he didn't seem to have the will/care to fight on throughout the match. Again, I could be wrong though.

WI: This is where I think things could happen for Roger. I think he can beat anyone there if he's on (especially if it's rainy next year and the roof is put on). I can see him getting to the Finals, maybe winning like this year.

Cincy: If the court is fast this year, I can see Rogi defending his Real slam crown. Will be tough though, those 1000 points are well sought after.

USO: Again, anything can happen here. Last year it seemed like Roger was a little tired throughout the USO and end of the year (except for WTF), so maybe his "new" scheduling will help him stay fresh. I can see him beating any of the other 3 top guys, but I wouldn't be shocked to see him losing early to some big hitter. This one's the X-factor for me.

WTF: Depending on how much he wants this one, I think he could win it for sure. For example, if Roger doesn't win a slam in 2013, he'll want to win this as a "consolation" prize for sure. If Rog doesn't get a slam win in 2013, I can see him going all out for the WTF like in 2011.

Depending on how his schedule turns out, I think Roger's 2013 could be a good one. If he doesn't show up rusty (due to the low # of tournaments) he could do really well! At his age I would think that being fresh would be the #1 priority, and his planning could lead to a good year. I'm not saying #1 (since he'd have to do really well at all tournaments to have a chance), I'm not even saying multi-slam (though you can't really rule that out since it's Roger Federer), but I think he could maybe win a slam, maybe make a few finals, and finish top 4 again. Allez Roger!
pretty much agree with this.
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