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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
IME, people who are at the top of their level tend to try to play up rather than down when they have the choice. For this reason, guys who are strong 4.0s (bordering on 4.5) don't like to play 7.0 mixed. To them, it is kinda lame. They prefer 8.0 mixed. 7.0 mixed tends to attract the lower half of 4.0 men (not that there's anything wrong with that!).
I think you are correct here Cindy .... When I was playing 4.0 I was clearly the best 4.0 in the league at 7.0. None of my upper 4.0 peers would be caught dead playing 7.0 and I only did it because my good friend was captain and my partner was hot... err I mean a fine player. I got lots of snarky comments last season about how I should not be playing 7.0.

I suspect the best teams out there do manage to get top level 4.0 men playing ... but for the most part you could not pay my 4.0 contemporaries to play at the 7.0 level.
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