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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
1.22 is 1.22. Doesn't play thin, doesn't play 'fat' either. Like baby bear's porridge, the gauge feels just right for that string (when fresh).

If you want feel and bit of power, try Black Widow 16. For a poly, it just has superb feel if you like that 'ball sinking into the strings' sensation with some crispness. Just up the tension if you want great stringbed firmness.

If you don't like a poly that that's soft, but don't want something as hard as Tour Bite and are not bothered by lack of spin, then Discho Iontec 1.20mm would be worth a go. It's a bit like a firmer version of Scorpion but nowhere near Tour Bite stiff.
No, I meant that to me it really seams to be bigger than 1.22. It look like a 1.25 or 1.26 to me
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