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Either you are a stickler and play by the rules or you get fuzzy on the rules and then often people get upset.

I personally would rather have someone upset with me because I adhered to the rules ... as opposed to having someone upset after we mutually agreed to a loosely defined set of rules, on the fly, that worked out to hurt them and help me.

We have pretty tight time constraints and our indoor seasons have very explicit rules on how a match should end.

The scoring is no ad (gender to gender serving at deuce) for the first two sets. If time runs out before completing the second set, the winner is whoever won the first set. The third set is a supertiebreker, first to 10. If time runs out in the supertiebreaker, the winner is whoever is leading. If you are tied in the supertiebreaker when time runs out, you play one point to decide the match. The next regularly scheduled server, serves that point. That serve doesn't have to be gender to gender
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