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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Yup, it lefty.
Left arm, 3 separated shoulders, 2 broken collarbones, 4 pins in the two little fingers, one greenstick that took 6 months to heal enough to brush my teeth. Wrist only bend back about 30 degrees from straight, not great for laying back forehand groundies.
Right arm. 1 separated shoulder, 2 broken collarbones, 5 crookedly healed fingers from breaks cause by motocross first turn crashes, one dislocate that still pops out when I load it sitting around and holding my kneeup.
Let leg. Flat feet, totally flat. 3 time sprained ankle, 6 pins, 1 14" long piece of wire, 2 screws, sprained medial collateral (current), two detached tendons.
Right leg. Same flat feet, 3 pin, surgical rebreak of fibula, one femur greenstick (took 3 months before it could stand my body weight, gingerly), good knee and ankle.
Torso. For sure, over 7 broken ribs, all healed, some sticking out but not thru the skin. 63 year old, surfer's neck from surfing short boards for 25 years..can't look upwards.
Eyesight now needing far vision help, around 1.0, not the kind you can buy for reading.
But I still got some hair on my head, and my g/f is 22 years younger than me, and giving me a place to live.


Wow. Did you impress her through your once kingly tennis skills or your copious battle scars? :P
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