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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
And? There's no doubt he went on a magical run - one which was truly outstanding.

But then you look at the other years in his prime > 1993, 1994, 1997 - and that's being charitably short - he was not a consistent performer really in the bigger scheme of things.

This was about whether he'd beat Nadal if Nadal had to use the strings of the era - I say Nadal would clean him up regardless. Bruguera managed to hit his forehand with close to as much topspin as Nadal does in Muster's era.
We were talking about Muster's prime, not other periods of his career. In other periods, Muster was still a very good clay-courter and still had a brilliant record in finals, but was inconsistent for the most part. In his prime, he found ways to win almost all the time on clay, even from impossible situations, and did his best work on other surfaces too. Muster's prime was just a 25 month period (February 1995 to March 1997). In his 15 year career, Muster won 44 tournaments on the main tour, yet 21 of those 44 titles came within that 25 month peak.
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