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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It's more complicated than that.

I'm not trying to build a division-winning team. I think what people don't understand that it is very hard as captain to take/keep bad players on a roster.

It's the same thing every time we have a much weaker player on the roster. No one wants to partner with them. If I spread the pain by giving them several different partners, they complain that they have a revolving door of partners. If I don't play them a lot, they complain that they are riding the bench.

Add in the fact that captaining a bottom-feeding team makes it very, very hard to recruit. So even if we are not playoff bound, I would like my teams to make a respectable showing.

The answer to all of this is: If you want to be invited onto teams, improve you tennis.
If they are like the weakest player, they usually know that. That is what I had found. and they know they won't get any much playing time as the strongest players. And when I am a captain, I usually just put them at #3 doubles when we play bottom 1/3 division teams. and that usually works out. These weaker or weakest players don't want to play when we play the top 1/3 division teams anyway.
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