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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
So we still don't know what string or tension, so labeling a frame as a Rocket-Launcher when not knowing the type or tension does not tell many people much. And a rocket launcher for a good 4.5 who swings for the fences normally does not mean much or help many people on mentioned by nickarnold2000, many people are using racquets like there, but many better people will always label them as string, no tension, means you cannot blame the frame, at least not with the current evidence.
A lot of it is what you are used to, what I think is to powerful you and others might think the same racket has great control. But my friend who has been playing and coaching for years is a very good player which by the way a good player does not swing for the fences.

Are you saying that you need to be above 4.5 level to know what a powerful racket is? As far as the strings go I agree that it can make a huge difference, but I still trust my friends opinion on the power level of a racket he demoed.

When these rackets become available I will give the 99s a demo and then I will be able to see how powerful it is for me. Last year I tried the steam and the juice and both are to powerful for my liking, but to some I am sure they are fine.
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