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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
too soft is a bad thing?
Interesting timing on this question as the answer for me is : yes.

I hit with BM strung up at 50/48 and there is no doubt this string plays fantastic. It puts off a lot of spin..really heavy balls, but i prefer a boardy setup. I can explain this as well.

With the bm, i have to brush the ball more. The softness of the string makes the ball sail a lot more than the controlling setup of 4g/ogsm. I can also string the ogsm and 4g tighter. I do not get the same amount of spin as with the black magic, but i still get plenty and can hit a lot cleaner and through the ball. Hitting with that much spin sacrifices pace and gets rather tiring after a while too.

I found myself going more western and really whipping over the ball tonight with the BM. The resulting ball was real heavy, but flattening out shots was tougher. This is more of a problem on my backhand which i tend to hit rather flat and need that control. I also can hit a lot more precisely with my normal setup. Any setup where i am going too western is a red flag for me, since i prefer setups that allow me to hit in a semi western.

So from this i learned that soft polys just are not for me. It is really personal preference. The boardy setup just is what i like. I love the feel of syn gut crosses and an 18x20 pattern. If you dont and love soft polys, the black magic is still one of the best options out there bar none.

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