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Originally Posted by jstyle711 View Post
Heres the full video is you're interested... I'm not playing serious in the video but I was working on taking the ball early on her serves. Shes someone I know I can beat which is the reason why I was standing straight during the returns and serving nothing but my 2nd serves.

I'll work on having more of a bent elbow during my serves and forehands; could this be one of the reasons why I'm beginning to feel some slight discomfort in my elbow? Anyways, I'm going to be hitting again tonight with some better competition and I plan on recording it as well. Thanks for the input guys.

The girl is actually 31 and has been playing for a while now. Shes pretty consistent and has decent power which isn't shown in the video. Definitively would be a tough match for me if she had a serve that wasn't attackable. I won btw 6-2 6-4.
These excuses actually make you look quite bad, if I'm honest. When you post a video asking for people to fix your flaws and then you cover with the fact that you aren't trying, then it makes your skill set look even smaller. I would suggest in the future only posting videos where you are giving proper effort OR refraining from making excuses/rationalizing.
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