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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
Yeah, and I have it on good authority that the moon is made of green cheese!

I have heard exaactly the opposite, that 6-0 does count towards your DNTRP.

Not to mention we still have no link to the tennislink of this supposed undefeated person.

All we have is you telling us about it.
Here's some evidence of your green cheese, gmatheis: And, there's more if you search. Further, I was not the OP with the undefeated guy story, which I also felt was somewhat hard to believe given his performance at sectionals (hard to find a poor player there, although I did play one this year in a sectional doubles match.)

But, looks like they are finally fixing it. It happened to me so I know. Granted, it must be a DOUBLE BAGEL. 6-0 sets have never been dropped.
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