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Originally Posted by bobbything View Post
Personally, I'd rather have competitive matches and win than have lopsided matches and lose.
I agree, but in my experience (maybe because I was at a lower, more populous level) being at the top of my band meant a lot of uncompetitive wins and a few competitive ones, with maybe one loss per season. I could not get bumped up until a couple higher-level captains gave me a break and let me play on their teams. Playing up, I won about 1/3 at lower courts and got dusted when I was a sacrificial lamb at court 1. Still much more fun to get beat at the higher level, even 2 and 2, than winning 0 and 1 at my level. Thankfully, playing up convinced the computer to throw me a bone.

If it weren't so complicated, I wish they could have .25 gradations, at least for 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. That would ensure mostly competitive matches all the time...
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