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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
Around here, it's going to be interesting to see what happens to the 18+ league. The problem I think we will face is that every one of the 4.0 men's captains in NJ is over 40 and almost all of the PA as well. Some guys will do an 18s team, too, I'm sure, but how many? There's no chance in hell I'm doing 2 teams.
I think we'll see this in Delaware as well. For some reason, USTA is really aging around here. Not just the captains, most of whom are great guys who have been doing this forever. The adult team I played on last year is reforming as a 40+ team and I believe nobody is being left behind due to youth. And, in doubles, where I play 95% of the time due to bad wheels, almost none of my opponents was under 40 either! I do know the singles players saw a fair amount of young guys (some of whom were just passing through on the way to the next level) so I think they will see the biggest change, probably for the better as far as they are concerned. The 55+ team I am joining has lost almost nobody in the 50-53 bracket also -- pretty much all 55-65 years old anyway.
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