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Originally Posted by beast of mallorca View Post
Haha. Nadal did it 8/10x.
Humbalito is so freaking arrogant !!.............
Well Nadal is a great player. He does things that few other players can do.

Originally Posted by Hawkeye7 View Post
They only played 3 slam matches and all were finals. Djokovic has never beaten Federer in a slam final either. In fact in 2 of those 3 slams, Djokovic lost to Federer as well and in the 3rd one (AO 2010) he lost to Tsonga who Federer then went on to beat with ease. It's not like Murray had that many opportunities. In fact only 2 men ever beat Federer in a slam final: Nadal and Del Potro.
I agree that Murray hasn't played enough slam matches vs Federer to really compare with Djokovic, but I don't think the difference between final and semis makes any difference really. Plus saying that Murray has not had that many opportunities is right, but Djokovic with one slam final vs Federer which happened to be his first has has even less opportunity to beat Fed in a slam final than Muray has had to beat him in a slam.
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