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No, not me, and I had every opportunity, early start, solid athleticism, good coaching, training squads, the whole deal.

What I learned is that I had the talent to be an excellent hitting partner for anyone, a decent coach and a competitive open tournament player at a local and state level. I'm still a strong 5.0 at 46.

In other words, a million miles from successful pro tennis on the tour!

I was fortunate to train with a player who made the top 100 (high of 87, I think), won a couple of 250 tournaments and made the fourth round at Wimbledon, and he was just so much better at everything than I was it was comical.

It was a blessing, really, because I had no illusions. Had I been in a different area, I might have persisted in ignorance and blown a few years tilting at the windmill, but fortunately I had a handy-dandy reality check across the net 3 nights a week.

If I had any doubts at all, they would have been dashed when I lost to a 12 year old in the semi final of an 18s event. (6 -1 6 - 0)

He went on to the top 20, but that's another story...
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