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I play with both six one 95 (amplifeel and BLX). At first I thought the amplifeel felt less solid and was transmitting a bit too much «feel» to my arm (was it bad vibrations? Not sure, since the goal of Amplifeel is to REDUCE bad vibrations).

I fixed the problem by increasing my grip size, from a 4 1/2 to a 4 5/8. I did this with an heat shrink sleeve. So not only does my grip feel huge and my hand doesn't move, but the rubber tube seem to have muted at least half of the vibrations I used to feel. So I'm left with the nice smooth feeling of Amplifeel (but not too much), and it feels even more solid than my BLX now.

I have to get used to the bigger grip for my serves. But for volleying, returning big serves and everything else, it's great. I'm never going back to small or medium grip.

Also keep in mind that this racquet is unforgiving. You do need good technique. Miss the sweetspot on heavy balls, and your arm will let you know.
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