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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
I don't think the 73% number can be used in this fashion. It would be more accurate to say that "73% of currently active pro players who used to be top 10 ITA college players have reached the top 100 in the ATP rankings." There could be lots of former top 10 ITA players who are not currently active who are not on the list. Their top ATP rankings would probably be skewed lower than the currently active players, because if you don't achieve success you are more likely to become "not active" by retiring rather young.

The list is also incomplete, and the maintainer is requesting updates. I have sent him several this weekend, so the list will be changing.
That's the problem of any sampling and stats... Like I said, the data represents a small pool, it's not taking into account all players but that's what I had to work with. So, yes it's not the whole story but according to the available data that's the best one can do. I still think it is telling something which may not be far from the reality.
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