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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Going a year+ in between titles for a guy ranked as high as he is is too long. That's what I was getting at.

So? And the last time Fed beat Nadal on outdoor hardcourt was in 2005 but he managed to do it this year didn't he? Fed ALWAYS has a chance against Nadal no matter where they play. Why do Fed fans write him off so quickly like this?
And my point is he makes up for it by winning titles in blocks. There's only one time he went a year without a title (in fact just under a year) which was between Rome 2009 and MC 2010. He has some other pretty long gaps, true. between RG 2006 and IW 2007 was about 9 months. Between Stuttgart 2007 and MC 2008 was about 9 months too, but then he won 8 tournaments in a short time.

The thing about outdoor hardcourts, I don't even give that much importantace. The difference between 5 sets and 3 is much bigger. I mean they played at the AO a few months before indian wells and surprise surprise Nadal won. Federer will only beat Nadal in a slam as either some sort of one off incrdible performance, or when Nadal's decline has matched Federer's. And Nadal being out injured means if he'splaying that bad, he won't even meet Federer. Federer is still a great player but the odds on him coming out consistantly good vs his main rivals in a best of 5 and lasting, are dropping. He can play good matches but not consistantly at the level needed to win slams, if he gets one next year I will be very pleased because it's still not a given. Even at the WTF, as good as Djokovic played, Federer had both sets under control and he sliped slightly.He should have won at least one of them but he couldn't keep up with Novak, which he could have a few years back.

lol writing Fed off quickly? You're F***ing with us now come on. You were on about Nadal not beating djokovic in a slam for almost 2 years (which was an inflated number since for a large part of that they hadn't even played) yet Fed not beating Nadal in nearly 6 years is too soon? Fed can beat Nadal in best of 3, best of 5 however does not look good.
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