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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
yea but you can't just dump people that's been with the team for years just cause they suck now or isn't as good as division winning team you are trying to build
Originally Posted by NumbersGuy View Post
Agree with Nostradamus. I've seen many teams (and captained one) that dumped a bunch of old players in favor of new, stronger ones. Created a bunch of ill will, which of course was expected, but perhaps more importantly the teams always self-destructed at the end of the year.

A lot has to do with how it's done. If it's done with some compassion, face to face letting them down easy...nah, what am I saying, that's never worked when breaking up, why would it work for a tennis team? Just e-mail 'em that you're cutting 'em loose, park nose out and get ready to peel out.

To be fair, I would have a playoff and let the best players prove themselves. Very few team captains I've know are able to judge tennis talent as well as a tennis pro can. Best thing is hire a tennis pro to pick the team, then you can blame him.
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