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ALU is a very nice string. Its only problem is that it is not one of the newer generation poly strings, so its tension stability is woeful. That said, there is nothing like it on the market. So, if you're an ALU diehard and want something similar, it doesn't exist. Topspin Cyberflash USED to play fairly similarly, but they reformulated it a few years ago. The new stuff is simply a similar color. You'll notice this if you read the reviews for CF on the string's page:

Comments: Easy string and virtually no string movement during play good spin and power and crisp on the volleys, I would rate this string very close to the Luxilon ALU power but a lot cheaper, I pre-stretched the string and found hardly any tension loss after 3 hours of play. for the price a highly recommended string.
From: Michael, Earlville QLD, Australia. 4/07
Note the date changes:

Comments: The company has changed the formulation of the string without informing us. And that created a lot of confusion/headach for me. Although it maintains tension better, it lacks power and is much stiffer-totally different string. I had to lower the tension at least 8 pounds. Even that it still doesn't feel the same as before. It's too bad that they discontinued the previous cyber flash.
From: John, Portland OR, usa. 5/10

Comments: Agree with John from Portland. I just started using my most recent reel and it is definitely stiffer and has a smoother surface. The spin is pretty good so far, but it is lower powered than before and seems to maintain tension a little bit better. I would agree that the company seems to have changed the formulation...since I have a whole reel, I'm going to have a lot of time to get used to it
From: Jack, Lynchburg, VA, USA, 02/11
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