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Originally Posted by niremetal View Post
I spiraled down the dark path of racquet addiction over the past few months. After demoing and buying countless many sticks from TW, that auction site, and my local pro shop, I decided to tally up the total amount I spent on racquets. I was pretty amazed when I saw the final number . I can honestly say that I have no real desire to buy any more racquets.

Some of the ones I already have need to go in order to pay the bills. It will be tough deciding which ones go on the chopping block, but tough choices are part of life.

I've always had something of an "addictive personality," but my "addictions" (be it to particular bands, gadgets, or books) tend to be things that I burn through in a few months. Usually they run their course on their own, but racquets are an expensive addiction to feed.

Not to mention that I'm only a 3.5 and continually messing with my racquets is messing with my game and consistency.

Anyway, I'm going cold turkey on this one. No more new purchases whatsoever. I'll hit through with my current frames for a few weeks and narrow it down to just 2 or 3 sticks that will be my regulars. Hopefully by the time spring rolls around I'll have cut my racquet-induced deficit by more than half.
Too many rackets and adjustments to make = big distractions from improving your game. Just stick with one that feels "right," has a good balance of characteristics, and is one you feel leaves plenty of room for growth.

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