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Originally Posted by jason586 View Post
Again, you do not read thoroughly and assume too much. I said I play 100+ hours a month and play 4.0 tennis - not 100 hours per month of 4.0 training. In the beginning I had plenty of people to play competitively with because I was new to the game. But with my hours on the court, I have quickly become better than many in my area, so I have fewer people to challenge me. So, I work on what I can with whomever I am playing or practicing with which unfortunately is slowing my progress a bit as most seem to be 3.5 where I'm at.
OK, now I think I understand better. Like pvaudio suggested, if you are on such a strict training regimen you've got to take wholistic approach. Forget string durability, go for what is safer for your arm and more effective for your game. Dead poly will wreck your arm AND your game. I've been there done that (re: Gosen Polylon that never breaks). There is no easy/cheap way around. I'm sorry but 100 hours per string job is a ridiculous idea for serious player like you, developing heavy top spin strokes and 100+ mph serve. Natural gut / poly or better yet, full natural gut is just what doctor ordered for someone on tennis courts 3 hours per day, trying to improve to 4.5 level. When you get your own stringer you can experiment with full poly setups and trust me, then you will restring every 5 to 8 hours max to get the desired performance and comfort out of full poly.
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