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Originally Posted by heartattack View Post
hOpe someone can post a video for this... thanks a bunch! i have 2 flying clamps and starting clamp. will be stringing a 18x19 string pattern racquet.
The number of crosses does not matter only the mains and which holes are skipped. The crosses are normally strung from the top down but may be strung from the bottom up. It depends on the manufacturer as to whether or not bottom up stringing of crosses is allowed.

if the mains start in the throat of the racket the mains will end at the head of the racket and top down stringing of crosses is easy. If the mains start at the head of the racket they will end at the throat and since you want to do 1 piece stringing you have to either use an ATW pattern, stringing bottom up, or use two piece stringing.

I would suggest using two piece stringing no matter where your mains start and end but since you want to do one piece we have to know what specific racket you have so we have an idea of where to start.
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