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I wasn't all that impressive since Murray or Djokovic aint exactly indoor fast grass surface type dynamos.. Hell, Nole isn't all that great on grass regardless. If Fed drew say Tsonga with the roof closed he probably would have had more issues there then he did with Pusher Murray because Tsonga knows how to attack. Serve BIG and put some pressure on the opponent. Murray just plugs and plugs away from the baseline until his opponent hits an error. Thats target practice for Roger indoors (as it kind of showed when they closed the roof) who can do what he wants vs. Murray under faster grass conditions.

Murray and Djokovic are SLOW COURT players.. They aren't faster condition type players like we have at wimbledon with the roof closed. Fed should be able to beat Djokovic and Murray under faster grass indoors playing at 50 percent.
Moot point. The numbers say it all. Federer > Sampras, at almost every criteria in the record books.
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